South Korean Authorities Indict 86 individuals in Crypto Crime

South Korea’s Central Bank Initiates Pilot Scheme For Trialing Digital Won

South Korea has once again made an indictment connected to a crypto-related crime. This time around, the crime involves drug offenders. Authorities are looking to purge the country of crypto crimes, and this latest indictment is a step closer to their goal. Transactions with the drug deals involved BTC for anonymity purposes  A local news […]

Crypto & Stock Analyst Warns of Further Relief Rallies Before Eventual Breakout

Bitcoin, Ether, Cardano, Solana Bull Rally In Second Half Of 2022 Is Unquestionable, Says Crypto Exec

The crypto markets face another downward momentum following a few weeks of persistent gains. Amidst this sudden price decline, well-known crypto and stock analysts ask investors to prepare for more hurdles. He believes the community will still be experiencing a more extensive bear market. Lark Davis thinks the crypto markets will not see a breakout […]

Cryptocurrencies Are A “Safe Alternative” In Steering Cross Broader Payments, Says Russia’s Prime Minister

ECB Says Crypto Regulation Will Be The End Of Putin As Fears Persist On Russia Using Bitcoin To Bypass Penalties

Russia’s prime minister, Mikhail Mishustin has stressed the importance of incorporating digital assets in the country’s cross-broader payment structure. Speaking to bankers and government officials at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum on Tuesday, Mikhail stated that there was need to strengthen the country’s independence and financial self-sufficiency amidst the increasing threat of sanctions. The official […]

“New Lows Are Just A Matter Of Time” – Prominent Bitcoin Analyst Warns Of Prices Under $19k

Mark Cuban Says He Won't Invest In Bitcoin Futures ETFs

Bitcoin is currently experiencing a wild correction that is taking the asset back to lows not seen in over three weeks. This follows the recent bear market rally on whose back Bitcoin rode to $20.9k over the weekend. As BTC plummets below expected margins, a prominent analyst has warned of inevitable new lows. Bitcoin could […]

Crypto Pundit Opines That The Bottom Is Still Not In For Bitcoin, Sees 2023 As The Recovery Year

Chris Burniske Predicts Bitcoin Likely to Hit Bottom Near $3,000

The crypto market has been erratic, affecting even the most resilient among them – Bitcoin. The coin has fallen from the highs of over $50k to the lows of under $20k since the start of the year. While the pains in the crypto market over these months were expected due to the looming global recession […]

Bitcoin Dips Below $20k As Post-Fed Buyers Burn Out; Insights On The Week Ahead

Is Elon Musk Deliberately Creating Bitcoin Dips For Tesla To Buy More BTC? Chris Burniske Ponders

Major cryptocurrencies kicked off the week on a low-key after a month of robust gains that coincided with the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates by the widely anticipated 75 basis points. Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, led other crypto assets in the go-slow after losing over 4% during the weekend. As of […]

BTC Could Dip Below $15k As U.S. NFP Report Shows High Values

Bitcoin Less Likely to be Banned in the U.S. if Apple Launches Crypto Exchange: report

Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading in a temperate zone which has a pivotal role in the asset’s price movement. Amidst this tension, the Chief Investment Officer of American hedge fund AlphaTrAI has forecasted a bearish turn of events for BTC as the Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP) report indicate a higher employment rate. Max Gokhman believes BTC […]