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Mark Cuban-Backed Multichain Wallet Launches $3 Million Aptos Ecosystem Fund to Onboard New Users

Blocto, a multichain wallet has announced the launch of a $3 million Aptos Ecosystem Fund whose objective is to help onboard new users to Aptos. Besides financially supporting projects, the Aptos fund will be used to back standout projects when they get to the “user acquisition phase.” Access to Aptos’ in-House and External Investor Base […]

European Union Presents Project to Fight Counterfeiting by Using NFTs for 2023

European UnionThe European Union (EU) is working on a project that involves blockchain architecture and the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to fight counterfeiting and forgery. The project is the product of several meetings and blockchain hackathons organized by the European Union Intellectual Property Office and proposes to create digital twins of products to trace their […]

Japanese Government Rewards Local Authorities With Non-Transferable NFTs

According to reports, the Japanese government is one of the first countries to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a supplementary award to local authorities that excelled in a digitization competition. The awards were given to local authorities as recognition for their efforts in using digital technology to solve local challenges. Issuing and Distributing NFTs via […]

Europol Sees Tools to Tackle Crime in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologies

Europol Sees in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologies Tools to Tackle CrimeAbuse expands with use in the case of cryptocurrency, Europol has acknowledged while also noting that blockchain technologies offer authorities a new opportunity to fight crime. Europe’s law enforcement agency also says they can help investigate money laundering networks. Understanding Cryptocurrencies Is Vital to Tackling Organized Crime, Europol Says The growing use of cryptocurrency across […]