Bitcoin & cryptocurrency news HACK: Withdrawals Suspended! Here’s what Happened

Breaking News: A couple of hours ago, the well-known exchange suffered from an unidentified hack. This fiasco made the company halt all withdrawal transactions and reset the saved credentials of all users. What specifically happened with the hack and what happened specifically? Hack Info

On Monday nono UTC time, multiple users reported that they cannot make any withdrawal from their account. Users also noticed that despite their credentials being saved on their PC or Mobile devices, they had to sign in again. This was a precautionary action taken by the company to limit the escalation of further breaches. Additionally, users were advised to reset their 2-factor authentication and set it up again.

Dogecoin founder Billy Markus also added to the fiasco. He noticed a suspicious transaction pattern on Etherscan that instigated the company to suspend all transactions until it extrapolates out what’s going on with its platform.

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