Report: 11.4% of UAE Residents Have Invested in Cryptocurrencies

Just over 11% of United Arab Emirates (UAE) residents have invested in cryptocurrencies, a report issued by the country’s Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has reportedly said. Globally, the United Arab Emirates is now ranked tenth in terms of cryptocurrency investment rate. UAE’s Mission to Become a Global Crypto Hub According to a […]

Billionaire David Rubenstein Bullish on Crypto, Optimistic About Regulation

Billionaire David Rubenstein Optimistic About Crypto Regulation — 'The Crypto Constituency Is Very Strong in Congress'Billionaire David Rubenstein, Carlyle Group’s founder, believes that U.S. lawmakers will not push to regulate the crypto industry unduly. Noting that he is bullish on crypto, the billionaire investor said: “the greatest fortunes are made when people go against conventional wisdom.” David Rubenstein Bullish on Crypto Billionaire investor David Rubenstein, co-founder of the Carlyle Group, […]

Report: Morocco Central Bank Discusses Crypto Regulation Best Practices With IMF and World Bank

The Moroccan central bank is currently holding talks with multilateral lending institutions and other central banks, centered on establishing cryptocurrency regulation best practices. Inevitable Adoption of Cryptocurrencies The Moroccan central bank governor, Abdul Latif Al Jawhari, has said his institution is currently in discussion with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, about […]

JPMorgan: Global Regulation Urgently Needed for Banks to Help Clients Invest in Crypto

JPMorgan: Global Regulatory Framework Urgently Needed for Banks to Help Clients Invest in CryptoA globally consistent crypto regulatory framework is urgently needed to allow banks to handle crypto assets on behalf of large customers, said a JPMorgan executive. “We need a globally consistent regulatory framework. It’s important that we get to a solution as quickly as possible.” Global Regulatory Framework Urgently Needed to Allow Banks to Offer Crypto […]

Global Regulators ‘Going Full Steam’ on Crypto — Official Says ‘Current Structure Is No Longer Fit for the Purpose’

Global Regulators 'Going Full Steam' on Crypto Regulation — Official Says 'Current Structure Is No Longer Fit for the Purpose'Global regulators are “going full steam” on cryptocurrency regulation. “The current structure is no longer fit for the purpose with the development of cross-border digital market activities,” said the chairman of France’s markets watchdog AMF. Global Regulators Going Full Steam on Cryptocurrency Regulation Robert Ophèle, chairman of France’s markets watchdog, the Autorité des marchés financiers […]

SEC Working With CFTC on Crypto Regulation, Says Chairman Gensler

US SEC Working With CFTC on Crypto Regulation to Ensure Investor Protection, Says Chairman GenslerThe chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Gary Gensler, says the securities regulator is working with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on crypto regulation. In addition, he said the SEC is “trying to work with various crypto platforms, exchanges, lending platforms” to ensure investor protection. SEC Chair Gary Gensler on Crypto […]

Switzerland’s Largest Bank UBS Expects US Crypto Legislation to Take Time

Switzerland’s Largest Bank UBS Expects US Crypto Legislation to Take TimeSwitzerland’s largest bank, UBS, expects the United States Congress to take a long time to pass cryptocurrency legislation despite mounting interest in crypto investments and regulators calling for Congress to weigh in on crypto legislation. Congress Could Take a Long Time on Crypto Legislation The largest bank in Switzerland, UBS, published its view on U.S. […]

India Confirms ‘It’s Not Illegal to Buy or Sell Crypto’ — Government Will Consult Widely on Crypto Regulation

India Confirms ‘It’s not illegal to buy and sell crypto’ — Government Will Consult Widely, consider how other countries regulate CryptoIndia’s finance secretary has confirmed that it is not illegal to buy or sell crypto assets in India. Regarding cryptocurrency regulation, “the government’s approach is to consult widely and also to look at what’s happening internationally,” he explained. Crypto Is Not Illegal in India, Official Confirms Following the announcement on cryptocurrency taxation by Indian Finance […]

Deloitte: 82% of Indians Surveyed Plan to Invest in Crypto Once Government Provides Regulatory Clarity

Deloitte: 82% of Indians Surveyed Plan to Invest in Crypto When Government Provides Regulatory ClarityA recent survey by Deloitte shows that 82% of Indians plan to invest in cryptocurrency when the government provides more clarity surrounding the regulation of crypto assets. Moreover, 77.4% of respondents want cryptocurrency to be treated as securities. Indian Crypto Survey: 82% Plan to Invest in Crypto Once It Is Regulated Professional services firm Deloitte […]

Nigerian Lawmakers Urged to Consider Regulating Crypto Industry After Proposal to Jail Ponzi Operators

The leader of the Nigerian blockchain association, Senator Ihenyen, has implored the country’s lawmakers — currently pushing for the securities law to be revamped — to consider crafting laws that regulate the crypto industry. Proposed Law Does Not Expressly Mention Cryptocurrencies As Nigerian lawmakers debate a bill that proposes a ten-year jail term for operators […]