Top 3 Crypto Aggregators To Pick in 2022

DeFi emerged in 2020 with a vision to build solutions on top of the existing bottlenecks in the centralized financial system. In the last two years since its inception, by riding on some of the unparalleled use-cases like flash loans, liquidity mining, staking, yield farming, and compounding interest rates, the ecosystem exploded to $87 billion. Dexes emerged as the hotspots for witnessing maximum DeFi activities. Some of the users within the ecosystem who had earlier registered on Cex or Centralized exchanges moved their assets to Dex or decentralized exchanges for interacting with the DeFi protocols via wallets. 

However, one thing which was like an elephant in the room was inconvenience causing trouble for the users. For example, users had to buy cryptocurrencies on one exchange and transfer the same to another DEX for operation. In this way, the process not only killed a lot of time, wasted their resources and caused inconvenience to users; but also deprived them of a good earning opportunity. Hence, to quicken decision making, maximize ROIs and fix the fragmented operational process, crypto aggregators are an amenable choice moving forward in 2022.

What are Crypto Aggregators? 

Crypto aggregators establish a system through the use of Dapps,  smart-contract,  oracles, and APIs, where data from different DEX and CEX are clubbed together on a single platform with price feeds integrated. In this way, the traders need not have to shuffle between exchanges to find out the best prices for an asset. On the contrary, they can simply log in to the crypto aggregator and trade from those platforms. In some rare instances, some of the crypto aggregators allow trading in cryptocurrencies pairs which are not supported even on some of the renowned exchanges operational across the world. 

How Do Crypto Aggregators Work? 

Crypto aggregators use price oracles that connect to multiple exchanges to provide the latest price feeds. You can take this as an example. Suppose, if you are visiting a holiday destination, there may be multiple hotels available for accommodation. If you have to go and check every hotel to find the best prices, it would take a lot of time and money. However, to ease the process, there’s a website that directly connects with all the hotels present in that holiday destination and tracks all their offers and prices to facilitate quick booking on the go. Using that website, the user can track even the smallest fluctuations in the prices that the hotels provide and grab the opportunity to book their services.

A crypto aggregator works much like the same where it tracks all crypto exchanges through price oracles and APIs to give the latest price for the crypto. Once the user/trader picks up a trade, the protocol runs the trade across all exchanges and swap protocols. Upon finding the best platform for the trade, the protocols execute the trade and the trader ends up making the maximum profit which would have been otherwise impossible without the crypto aggregator’s help. 

Top 3 Crypto Aggretaors of 2022


Unizen is a CeDeFi crypto aggregator that uses an AI-driven social trade sentiment engine. Along with this, the aggregator has a customized UI that shows a different interface for sophisticated crypto trade when compared to a newbie crypto trader. On Unizen, traders can do multi-asset yield staking and cross-chain trade using BSC or Binance Smart Chain. Unizen has the following trading pairs for traders/investors: ZCX/USDT, ZCX/ BTC, ZCX/ETH. 


Dot.Finance is an emerging crypto aggregator on the Polkadot ecosystem which helps users to earn high yields on their idle cryptos through staking. To mitigate complexities associated with staking, yield farming and liquidity mining, the crypto aggregator introduces a comprehensive DeFi yield aggregator. All the user needs to do is just lock the tokens in the vault and let the protocol do the best with your asset. 

No more fuss and no more banging the head to get the best returns, even a newbie can simply lock the token and let the protocol execute trades on their behalf. Along with this Dot.Finance also introduces auto compounding where traders/investors let the protocol automatically lock the staking rewards to convert the same to LP tokens. While doing the auto-compounding, the investors get entitled to the Pink tokens which give them the leverage of governance over the Dot.Finance ecosystem. The UI is very simple for the crypto users. All you need is just access by clicking the link. 

Once you do that, click on enter the app and hit the buy Pink button. 

Step by step guide to see UI of crypto aggregator

As you can see, there are multiple token pairs available like USDC, SUDT, ETH-USDC, SOLAR-MOVR LP, MOVR and USDC tokens that you can use to earn on the protocol. Moreover, a one click access as shown below allows you to quickly do activities like swap, enter pool, farm, stake and bridge by connecting your wallet. 

Step by step guide to see UI of crypto aggregator

→ Buy ETH Here ←

Rocket Vault 

The funding by Polygon Network has allowed a new and advanced crypto aggregator to flourish with the name Rocket Vault. As a non-custodial global liquidity aggregator, Rocket Vault introduces advanced strategies through the use of AI which uses data driven approach instead of sentiments to enter trades. In this way, it helps in maximizing the gains. On top of this, there’s also a provision on Rocket Vault where it identifies some of the key assets and spreads investments in between 500 to 800 assets through its underlying operational algorithm. 

Thus helping automatically maximize profits since many cryptocurrencies are thoroughly verified from market volume, sentiments and fundamental standpoint . On Rocket Vault, traders can invest in more than 800 cryptocurrencies. Rocket’s easy to use UI also helps in entering farming and staking tokens in a flash. 

For your information, while dealing in cryptocurrencies, one should always use hardware wallets since they give maximum protection and users have full right on their private keys. Make sure you store your cryptos in a hardware wallet

Top 3 crypto aggregrator to choose in 2022
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Apeswap Crypto: A Better Alternative To Pancakeswap?

Two unprecedented things happened in 2020 which might not be intertwined with each other. However, they did complement themselves in one or more ways. We are talking about the Covid-19 pandemic and the emergence of DeFi in the summer of 2020. As the Covid outbreak went rampant, economies took a hit due to global lockdowns. Millennials lost job opportunities and the government had one way to undo the odds. Print more money and launch stimulus packages. The outcome was rather grotesque with inflation spiking up. This was due to excessive demand for goods and services and job opportunities biting the dust.

Despite the pessimism all around, the DeFi space managed to thrive. Its innovative use-cases like yield farming, staking, and liquidity mining gave better opportunities for millennials to multiply their earnings. On some of the protocols, investors made 20x to 200x returns through the above-mentioned use-cases. Allegiance to the Compound protocol emerged as the frontrunner to introduce yield farming and governance tokens. 

As a result, DeFi, which started off from a humble beginning of $700 million in 2020, clocked $100 billion in less than a year’s time. Concepts like DEXes and DeFi lending ended up as a panacea to solve financial problems. They were simply sitting back at home and locking your tokens in the liquidity pools for unprecedented returns. Let’s deep dive and explain all prime aspects of DeFi. We’ll also explain why the ecosystem revolves around DEXs and key DEXs that you can choose to multiply your yield. 

What is DeFi? 

DeFi or Decentralized Finance is a broad term that includes almost all financial activities practiced in traditional finance. Traditional Finance is better known as CeFi (Centralized Finance). However, the DeFi ecosystem comes with an upside where there are no intermediaries. Everything works in a truly decentralized manner using blockchain technology and smart contracts.

For example, if you go to a bank and deposit money, the bank has full control over your money. However, with DeFi, everything changes. The right to control/ownership shifts back to the user, making the space non-custodial and truly decentralized. That said, it doesn’t make the list of use-cases possible exhaustive, rather, just a part of the complete big thing which DeFi is. So a space that has exploded and yielded returns as high as 1000% to 10,000% cannot just ride on just financial inclusion, rather, financial utilities. To drive financial utilities deeper, DeFi lending has remained an undisputed monarch in the space.

What is DeFi Lending? 

Before we jump to DeFi lending, it is necessary to know about the Dex or Decentralized exchange since they power the entire DeFi ecosystem. On the DEXes, you can do yield farming, staking, and much of all the use-cases supported on a DeFi Dapp protocol. So, with that said, a DEX  or a decentralized exchange is a peer-to-peer marketplace where crypto traders interact with each other directly and engage in a trade. Being a decentralized ecosystem, DEXes are powered by smart-contracts that help execute transactions in a peer-to-peer, trustless manner. 

Since by now you have understood what Dexes are and how they work, we can come down to DeFi Lending now since it is the heart and soul powering up the entire DeFi ecosystem. You can understand DeFi lending as a smart way to gain more exposure to the financial space in a short span. For example, when you buy crypto and you have a long-term plan with that crypto asset. Or, put simply, if you want to hold that asset for long, during the interim period of your holding, you cannot get financial exposure. However, with the help of DeFi lending, you can lock the assets in the DeFi lending protocol take a percentage of the loan as allowed by the protocol and earn fees at the same time for lending your asset. Along with this, you can also see your asset grow with the growth of the market.

However, you must see that the interest charged and interest earned should be carefully evaluated. Having said that, DeFi lending has helped individuals who do not have KYC or CIBIL scores avail loans in a truly decentralized and convenient manner. However, even the DeFi space charges interest on such loans and you need to pick the best lending and borrowing protocols for acquiring crypto loans. Apeswap has emerged as a preferred checkpoint when you want quick loans at convenient interest rates. 

What is Apeswap Crypto? 

Apeswap is the fork of Pancakeswap functioning much like all other AAMs or Automated Market Maker within the DeFi ecosystem; however, it has an upside which will be discussed in the latter part of the content. Meanwhile, in case if you are not aware of the term AAMs or automated market maker concept, you can think of an order book model which exists in traditional trading. In a traditional order book model, a broker performs the role of creating orders. 

As a result, there might be a situation when both buyers and traders do not converge at a price point and trade doesn’t happen. Hence, to eliminate the dependency on a third party to make a market, the AAMs use smart-contracts and incentivize stakers to stake their tokens in their specific liquidity pools created.  The Apeswap introduces the following features to make staking and yield farming more satisfying, safe, and secure for stakers on their platform. 

1. Audits 

On Apeswap, two credible audit platforms BSC Gemz and Certik take the onus of regularly performing the audit. As a result, everything on the platform remains transparent and instances of rug-pulls can be easily traced before they actually happen. Perhaps, investors have become more cautious post the Sushiswap fiasco and Apeswap has been establishing new standards to help earn their trust. 

2. Token Burn 

Apeswap regularly indulges in token burning to drive their token economics and make the ecosystem sustainable for long-term goals. 

3. Lower Fees

Fees are relatively lower on Apeswap with the Dex charging as low as 0.3% fees for each swap done. Out of that, 0.05% goes to Apeswap treasury which helps in further developing the ecosystem. 

4. Partnerships 

Apeswap has been eyeing long-term sustainability in the DeFi ecosystem. However, that can only happen when key collaborations eliminate obstacles that the Apeswap ecosystem face. So the protocol has gone on a collaboration spree to add more projects with a vision to change the future of DeFi. Ontology is one of the latest names on their list of collaborations. 

How is Apeswap different from all of its peers like Pancakeswap? 

Interactive Platform 

Through Apeswap, traders get to connect with all other AAMs and exchange tokens using the Binance Smart Chain as a bridge. 


With all other AAMs and swap platforms keeping much of their information siloed within layers, Apeswap engages in continuous audits and shares the reports with the community and its users. In the process, establishing greater trust among stakers and investors. 

Strong Community 

Apeswap has a better community than Pancakeswap who are striving to make the ecosystem sustainable and future-proof. In their latest association with Lympo, Apeswap wants to tap the potential of the sports-themed NFT marketplace and bring more people to their ecosystem. 

Apeswap introduces new innovations in DeFi lending and AAMs
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THIS is how you can Generate Passive Income with Cryptos in 2022

The year 2022 is just around the corner and you have probably set yourself big goals in the new year. A dream of many people is to earn a passive income alongside their job and possibly even get off the hamster wheel. With cryptocurrencies, you have a good opportunity to start building your passive income in 2022. In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips.

How to Earn Passive Income from Cryptos

The idea of ​​passive income is to stop trading your time for money. You make money from doing other activities because your money works for you. There are numerous methods for passive income, of which investing in cryptocurrencies is a particularly attractive option. 

In the field of cryptocurrencies, you can go different ways to start your passive income. You can earn money just through price gains. You can build a fortune through staking, earn money through lending or build your own income through NFTs. It’s best to combine different methods for the best possible results. Let’s talk about each method separately.

Buying Cryptos

The easiest and most popular way is to invest in cryptocurrencies. You can get high returns with an investment in Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and other altcoins. The strategy is similar to investing in the stock market. On average, cryptocurrencies offer significantly higher returns. In contrast, the risk with cryptocurrencies is much higher.

Whether you can build up a regular passive income with investments in cryptocurrencies also depends on the market situation. In bullish phases you make high returns, in the bear market it becomes much more difficult. On the other hand, regular income (e.g. monthly) is not guaranteed.

Staking Cryptos

If you’re looking for a regular source of income, staking could help. Proof-of-stake is a possibility for consensus on certain blockchain networks. It is considered a more efficient method of achieving consensus on the blockchain than the classic proof-of-work that Bitcoin uses. With staking, small investors can take part in this consensus process and thus earn interest.

Staking is an excellent way to earn passive income with cryptocurrencies. The interest mentioned here are called staking awards and are paid out to you as rewards in the form of the corresponding coins. This only works with certain cryptocurrencies. We recently put together an extensive article talking about what staking is and how to do it.

Lending Cryptos

Crypto lending is also a way to earn passive income with cryptocurrencies. You lend your cryptos to other parties and get them back with corresponding interest. However, it is important to do good research here, because the risk of loss is higher with crypto lending than with staking.

Buying NFTs

A better alternative to making money from cryptocurrencies could be NFTs. NFT stands for “Non-fungible Token”, a digital, unique, non-reproducible work. Most importantly, NFTs revolutionized the art market in 2021. There are now an extremely large number of NFT collections of digital works of art that you can buy, sell and trade on platforms such as OpenSea .

With a little initial effort, you could create your own NFTs and then offer them for sale on NFT platforms. The platforms mentioned are suitable for this. Rarible is designed as a platform NFT particular attention to the artist. In the meantime, individual NFTs have already brought in six-figure amounts.

Play2Earn in the Metaverse

The metaverse was the big topic in the crypto market in the fourth quarter. It describes a virtual space in which individuals can exchange ideas and interact with one another. There are now numerous metaverses based on the blockchain. In these metaverses, you can earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies or NFTs using the play-to-earn principle.

Some of the most famous examples include Axie Infinity, where you can raise and even fight digital creatures (Axies), and Decentraland, where you can purchase digital land and real estate. Digital land in particular can secure a passive income for you in the future.


Building a passive income with cryptocurrencies is not that difficult. You have to be aware that it will take some time and that your passive income will be rather small in the beginning. Furthermore, there is always a certain risk associated with cryptocurrencies. Cryptoticker offers very good articles and further knowledge on the topic.

You can purchase cryptocurrencies on the Binance ,  Coinbase ,  Kraken  and  Bitfinex crypto exchanges.

If you don’t want to miss any news from the crypto world, then be sure to subscribe to our premium area!

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Top 3 Yield Farming Cryptocurrencies for 2022

With the current rise of the Metaverse world, it appears that the Yield Farming market has been overlooked. This post is all about the top 3 Yield Farming cryptocurrencies for 2022. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

Top 3 Yield Farming Cryptocurrencies: Uniswap (UNI) +454%

Of all the cryptocurrencies that witnessed huge triumphs in 2021, Uniswap is perhaps one that has earned the most traction. According to CoinMarketCap, Uniswap (UNI) jumped off with an exchange value of $5.17 at the start of 2021. By May it had already risen to a worth of $44.97. Although the price of Uniswap has decreased by a bit since then, yet in one year the UNI price has increased by almost +454%. Uniswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. And, UNI is the native cryptocurrency of the Uniswap exchange. The decentralized crypto exchange offers users the power to complete trades and transactions without any third-party mediators controlling them. The UNI could be promising in 2022. 

Top 3 Yield Farming Cryptocurrencies: 1inch Network Token (1INCH) +189%

1inch is a DEX aggregator. It means that it digs a few decentralized exchanges for the most affordable prices and diverts its clients’ trades between them to ensure the soundest prices. When users want to purchase a cryptocurrency they always search in various Dexs, where prices are mixed, as well as charges. What 1inch does is to look for the most affordable method to operate by utilizing the different exchanges. In one year the 1INCH price has increased by almost +189%, just enough for a spot on our top Yield Farming cryptocurrencies list. 

Top 3 Yield Farming Cryptocurrencies: PancakeSwap (CAKE) +2,474%

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that still delivers intense growth prospects in the future. Lower fees and increased liquidity make the platform look incredibly attractive. The movement towards decentralized financial products (DeFi) and the extensive user base make PancakeSwap an incredibly attractive product. PancakeSwap was developed on the Binance Smart Chain. This is why the fees for the decentralized exchange are much lower than for the rival Uniswap.

One of the outstanding benefits of the Binance Smart Chain is its increased liquidity. PancakeSwap has the most elevated daily user base of any decentralized application and persists to have the fourth highest market volume. The reason why the liquidity on the platform can be constantly secured. In one year the CAKE price has increased by almost +2,474%, just enough for a spot on our top Yield Farming cryptocurrencies list. 


Yield Farming can be a fantastic method to make a profit in 2022. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that Yield Farming delivers the maximum profit when an asset is trading sidewards. So, always invest carefully.

Top 3 Yield Farming Cryptocurrencies
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Top Emerging Platforms for Crypto Loans

Speaking of the same time of the year last season, DeFi reached its pinnacle. The Total Value Locked (TVL) skyrocketed from $1 billion in February to $12 billion in December. Some of the protocols generated 52,000% in returns. Allegiance to the concepts like liquidity mining, yield farming, crypto loans, lending, and borrowing that this year cloaked $96 billion in TVL. Protocols like AAVE emerged as a panacea to fix lending and borrowing problems like KYC, over-collateralization, and excessive interest in centralized finance. 

In DeFi lending and borrowing, you can seek loans even if your collaterals are very small. That’s the beauty of this revolutionary technology and the reason why it is mustering loyalty in the FinTech and financial space. So, if you are looking for a quick loan and want to explore the best platforms, this is the right place. In this blog, you will get to know the top 3 platforms to pick for crypto loans. 

Best Platforms of 2022 for Crypto Loans 

#3 Oasis Borrow 

In the Maker ecosystem, Oasis is a front runner to provide quick loans. It allows quick access to loans via token minting from the Maker vault. The best part is twin collateralised zones: 50% and 75% Loan To Value(LTV). Hence users have more choices to make while availing loans. The Oasis market is going very strong at $7.3 billion in locked assets. Whereas, there’s 2.7 billion in outstanding loans as well. 

#2 Compound Finance 

In the last DeFi summer, 4 names dominated the market: Compound, Synthetix, AAVE and MakerDAO. Compound proposed best use-cases of liquidity pools. On the compound protocol, users can lock tokens and earn interest. Borrowers can borrow funds at no fees with a very limited liquidation ratio. Thus safeguarding borrowers against the risk of liquidation. In the event of no loan payment, Compound liquidates only 50% stake. This is a big go-ahead to motivate borrowing tendencies on the compound finance protocol. 


AAVE revolutionized the concept of loans like no other platform. For example, on Compound and Oasis protocol, there’s an option for collateralized loans. AAVE introduces completely non collateralized loans. All borrowers need to take flash loans in one transaction and pay it within that same. The upside is borrowers can swap those tokens on protocols with better rates.

In this way, they can walk away with a profit in no time. The only amount to pay is the transaction fee. Such use-cases bring a lot of individuals to the DeFi space. As a result, AAVE is the top shot of lending and borrowing.

AAVE also accepts 24 coins in comparison to other lending platforms. For example, Maker has 18, Compound 9, and Oasis 5.


With more than 2 billion unbanked population, the scope of financial inclusion narrows. Innovative technologies like DeFi have helped cater to this problem. The crypto space is further flooded with new concepts like NFTs and metaverse. These solutions could further drive adoption and fix pressing challenges existing from decades. 

crypto loan
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