Who Audits the Auditors? Smart Contract Audit Token (SCATDAO) to Hold a Public Sale on KICK․IO

PRESS RELEASE. The world of audit has always had an inherent problem, the conflict of interest that comes from paying for audit services. Auditors are meant to be independent of their clients, but how can you be independent when you are auditing your employer? With countless instances of paid auditors issuing fraudulent attestations to keep […]

Into the Gaming Metaverse: Cardania Launches on KICK․IO Starting February 15

PRESS RELEASE. Gaming is quickly becoming less about games and more about people. As people seek out engaging experiences online, the social element within games is increasingly the main attraction and a key selling point. The popularity of MMOs like WoW, Everquest, or Second Life can partly be attributed to the social factor. Market observers […]

Social Commerce on Cardano: Meloot to Hold a Seed Sale on KICK․IO

PRESS RELEASE. The world of e-commerce is rapidly transitioning to that of social commerce, where demand for products is driven by videos and posts from social media. Both brands and their consumers can benefit from advertising products through social media, with stronger sales and valuable insights into product use cases, which further encourage online shopping. […]

KICK․IO Launchpad: The New Haven of Cardano “Venture Capitalists”

Crypto gains are not as good as they once were. The much-anticipated journey towards a more mature crypto space has been accompanied by a noticeable slide in the previously exponential returns that excited both retail and institutional investors alike. In the current investment climate, the more established tokens are becoming less volatile and the returns […]