Bitcoin Mining Report Shows Network’s Emissions Account for 0.08% of the World’s CO2

Bitcoin Mining Report Shows Network's Emissions Account for 0.08% of the World's CO2During the last year, Bitcoin — the cryptocurrency network that leverages proof-of-work (PoW) to process transactions and secure the protocol — has received a lot of criticism about its environmental impact. This week, the cryptocurrency firm Coinshares published a report that shows talking points condemning the network’s electrical consumption have been greatly exaggerated. According to […]

Mozilla ‘Pauses the Ability to Donate Crypto’ After Complaints and ‘Environmental Impact’ Considerations

Mozilla 'Pauses the Ability to Donate Crypto' After Complaints and 'Environmental Impact' ConsiderationsOn December 31, the software community founded in 1998, Mozilla, announced it was accepting crypto-asset donations via Bitpay. However, shortly after the announcement, a number of people complained about the decision the company made. A week later, Mozilla has announced it is backing away from digital currency acceptance for now and has “paused the ability […]