What Happens To Miners After The Last Bitcoin Has Been Mined? — Big Reveal

Senator Ted Cruz Believes Excess Renewable Energy In Texas Presents A Great Opportunity For Bitcoin Miners

Bitcoin’s fixed supply makes it a possible good inflation hedge, according to pundits.  By 2140, mining blocks will no longer yield a block reward.  John Cantrell believes that the hash power generated would still be enough to secure the network.  Bitcoin is one of the most valued cryptocurrencies and, indeed, the one with the largest […]

Bitcoin Dominance Increases, ETH’s Market Share Slides, Stablecoin and Smart Contract Coins Rise

Bitcoin Dominance Increases, ETH's Market Share Slides, Stablecoin and Smart Contract Coins RiseOn Wednesday, the crypto economy of 12,620 coins across 543 exchanges is hovering just above the $2 trillion mark. Ever since the crypto economy’s market slump, bitcoin’s market dominance among all the coins in existence has slowly risen from 37% zone back over the 38% range. Meanwhile, Ethereum’s market dominance has diminished as it has […]

The Qredo Token in a Nutshell

Trading the Qredo token on Coinmetro calls for a proper introduction of this emerging network.   The Qredo infrastructure combines interoperability, settlement at a breakneck speed, and most secure decentralized custody, thus offering a solution for the blockchain’s problem of locked liquidity and poor security – and beyond.   This article provides a comprehensive overview […]

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Bitcoin Flashes Ultra-Bullish Signal Following “First Selloff” Wave In Current Bull Cycle

Is Bitcoin’s Parabolic Bull Market Over_ Quant Analyst PlanB Says No

Key Takeaways Bitcoin’s four-wave cycle is poised to enter the fake top wave according to pseudonymous analyst @BTCFuel.  The current wave predicts BTC at $380k-$780k by 2023. The speculation is highly bullish, but may not still play out.  Bitcoin, the benchmark cryptocurrency has shown prospects that it is still very reassuring to look ahead. In […]

Cardano’s Hoskinson Claims Gargantuan Billions In ADA Inflows Are ‘Just Getting Started’ — And Here’s Why

Charles Hoskinson Reveals Cardano's 2022 Roadmap... And It's Incredible

The cryptocurrency markets have been giving mixed signals, but Cardano (ADA) has managed to have a positive day. The cryptocurrency soared by over 9% today while the majority of other cryptocurrencies remained either flat or down. This comes as ADA positions itself ahead of Ethereum in terms of transaction volume. And according to Cardano creator […]