Investors in Collapsed South African Crypto Platform Push for Jailing of Africrypt Directors

A group of investors in Africrypt are reportedly pushing to have criminal charges pressed against directors of the now-defunct cryptocurrency investment platform. Opponents of the move have argued that this push is unlikely to succeed because many of the investors have already been reimbursed part of their funds. Mystery Investor Injects More Than $5 Million […]

Institutional Investors Say SEC Having More Power to Regulate Crypto Will Boost Prices

Institutional Investors Say SEC Having More Power to Regulate Crypto Will Boost PricesInstitutional investors are optimistic about the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) having more power to regulate the crypto market, a recent survey shows. They believe that if the SEC is granted extra powers, the prices of cryptocurrencies will be positively impacted. What Institutional Investors Think About Crypto Nickel Digital Asset Management, a regulated European […]

Cryptocurrency Worth $435 Million Seized by 12 UK Police Forces in Five Years

U.K. police have revealed how much cryptocurrency they have seized in the past five years in response to Freedom of Information requests. The London Metropolitan Police seized more bitcoins than other police boroughs. UK Police Reveal Information About Seized Crypto Twelve of the U.K.’s 43 police forces have seized cryptocurrency worth approximately £322 million ($435 […]

Maker Co-Founder Calls UST and MIM ‘Solid Ponzis’ That Will Go to Zero

MakerRune Christensen, one of the founders of Maker, the decentralized autonomous organization behind the governance of stablecoin DAI, has spoken out against two competitors. He stated that UST, Terra’s dollar-pegged stablecoin, and MIM, another collateralized stablecoin, were “solid ponzis” and that the bear market would eventually lead their prices to zero. Maker Co-Founder Calls Out […]