Bear Market “Partially Confirmed” As Crypto Market Loses $300 Billion In First Week Of 2022

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Crypto market bloodbath continues to intensify. Bitcoin and leading altcoins like Ether, BNB, Solana, Cardano are not spared. A select few crypto-assets remain promising in the near term. The ongoing cryptocurrency market crash has yet to subside as more and more cryptocurrencies continue to get liquidated. In the last one hour, the crypto market has […]

Bividend: Nasdaq-Listed Company to Pay Dividends in Bitcoin at the Option of Shareholders

Nasdaq-Listed Company to Pay Dividends in BitcoinA Nasdaq-listed company has announced that shareholders can receive dividends in bitcoin. The company claims to be the first one to pay dividends in the cryptocurrency. ‘First-Ever Dividend Payable in Bitcoin by a Nasdaq-Listed Company’ Blockchain company BTCS Inc. (Nasdaq: BTCS) announced Wednesday “the first-ever dividend payable in bitcoin by a Nasdaq-listed company.” BTCS refers […]

Bitcoin-based tracking platform Eggschain partners with Boston IVF

The partnership will use blockchain technology for some of its best-suited use cases in increasing transparency, verifying data, and storing sensitive genetic information.

The Bitcoin-based genetic data tracking system Eggschain has announced a partnership with the Boston IVF chain of 30 fertility clinics in the United States.

The new partnership will use blockchain technology provided by Eggschain to aid in the tracking of cryogenic preserved sperm to be used in IVF and other fertility and non-fertility treatment, as well as long-term storage of genetic data. A spokesperson for Eggschain said:

“Using the blockchain to track biospecimens such as sperm and eggs empowers individuals facing reproductive issues. This pivotal partnership enables greater confidence through the transparency and immutability of the data.”

Founded in 1986, Boston IVF is a chain of fertility clinics that specialize in IVF, genetic data storage and endocrinology. The clinics have reportedly helped over 100,000 babies be delivered so far. The chain has also graduated more than 30 reproductive endocrinologists through its accredited REI Fellowship Program.

Boston IVF CEO David L. Stern said he hopes that integrating blockchain technology to the company’s operations will improve the customer experience “with an unparalleled level of transparency and security.”

Austin-based Eggschain is a healthcare technology company building a supply chain solution for the fertility industry using blockchain built on Bitcoin layer-two Stacks. It operates a custody management system for genome, stem cells, DNA, RNA, organs, tissues, blood and IVF-related security. It supposedly reduce time in the sperm selection process across global jurisdictions by registering data on its platform, protect high-level patient data, prevent misfiling data and increase the transparency of overall operations.

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By partnering with Boston IVF, Eggschain is entering the $21.89 billion global IVF market that is forecast to reach nearly $34 billion by 2028 according to a report by Grand View Research.

The healthcare industry has enjoyed several benefits from blockchain technology, such as from CURE Chain and Aimedis which utilize nonfungible tokens to help patients store data and even offer crypto rewards for adding to their profile.

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Spanish LGBT token responds to critics, says it expects listings soon

The MariCoin project was among 10 projects chosen for the Algorand Foundation accelerator program in November 2021.

Spanish LGBT-related token MariCoin (MCOIN) has responded to the community following skepticism around the project’s concept and goals.

Some had even criticized the project for its name, which played on a homophobic slur in Spanish. But according to key people in the project, they have simply misunderstood. 

MariCoin CEO Francisco Alvarez told Cointelegraph that the project’s name is about “turning an insult into a fortress,” referring to peculiarities of tackling homophobic language as the very word word “gay” is still being used as an insult in some communities.

“In Spain it is very common for members of the gay community to call themselves ‘Maricón,’ so Juan, an active member of the community, thought MariCoin was a fantastic name for a cryptocurrency that would unite the whole community,” Alvarez said.

The CEO noted that the MariCoin project has “found a generalized acceptance” of over 90% in other Spanish-speaking countries like Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay, Ecuador, and others. “Although we must work on that other 10% that does not share our vision,” he noted.

According to MariCoin co-founder and president Juan Belmonte, the project expects to list its Algorand-based token on crypto exchanges supporting the Algorand blockchain on Jan. 31.

“We have been in talks since September 2021, as we have announced, to list on Binance. Our CTO is working on the white paper and we will have the first version ready next week,” Belmonte told Cointelegraph.

He also noted that MariCoin has closed their waiting list at 10,000 “Maricoiners,” as committed in their roadmap. “Due to the avalanche of mails, we have had to open a second list to reserve the coin at the starting price of $0.025, starting next January 31,” the executive added. Some people in the community previously were skeptical about MariCoin’s waiting list for investing via Google Forms.

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Belmonte also mentioned that MariCoin was selected for the Algorand Foundation accelerator program in Miami last year, with support from blockchain investment firm Borderless Capital. Apart from MariCoin, the accelerator also selected 9 other startups including Latin American digital bank NeoMoon, blockchain game Alchemon, nonfungible token platform Dartroom, and others.

The Algorand Foundation and Borderless Capital did not immediately respond to Cointelegraph’s request for comment.

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‘Dip’ ‘Buy’ and ‘Fed’ top trending topics on social media, per survey

Panic sellers hold your horses because dips are still for buying, according to data from Santiment behavior analysis.

Over the past seven days, the top trending words on cryptocurrency social media are “dip”, “buy” and “Fed”. Plus, the word “sell” fell out of the top 10 trending topics last night despite spiking sharply on Tuesday. 

According to crypto market data aggregator Santiment, social media users from Meta to Telegram to Twitter have formed a choir and they’re all singing from the same hymn sheet. “Dip” and “buy” are the top one and three trending words, while “Fed”, or Federal Reserve, sits at number six.

The behavior analysis and monitoring platform Santiment sheds light on social volumes for words on crypto social media which can be indicative of overall sentiment. It works in a similar way to the Fear and Greed Index which currently shows a score of 18, extreme fear.

In contrast to the index and some trader fears of a $30,000 price per Bitcoin (BTC), social media buy sentiment remains strong. It is still just one-third of the score of 1,875 points that spiked on Dec. 4, 2021, when the BTC price flash crashed to $42,000.

Federal Reserve features high up on the list due to discussion surrounding a potential rate increase in 2022. Bitcoin bull Vijay Boyapati is nonplussed. In a Tweet on Wednesday, he suggested that BTC will fly when the Fed “loses control of the bursting bubble they’ve inflated for the last decade.”

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Curiously, there was a spike in “sell” sentiment activity on Jan. 4. The clamoring to sell three days ago was just as intense as those chiding investors to buy on Nov. 29. 2021, at 4,828 Santiment points. However, back then the bull run appeared to be in full swing.

Overall, crypto sentiment seems optimistic that the current market action is just a dip. However, the topic “bear” has crept up from the number 10 position last night to number eight this morning.

With BTC prices dipping as low as $41,000, there could be more volatility to come.

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