Proponents Fix Their Gaze On Ethereum’s Switch To PoS And The Groundbreaking Changes it Promises

Will Twitter Prioritize Ethereum Over Bitcoin Following Jack Dorsey’s Exit? Proponents Weigh In

Ethereum is the talk of the crypto sphere thanks to the expected PoS transition. The network promises significant changes, but can it keep up with market expectations with several competitors like Cardano and Solana springing forth? Ethereum, the network housing the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap is top on investors’ list, for the most promising […]

Oraichain: AI-Powered Oracle & Ecosystem for Blockchains

Imagine a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain – the two breakthrough technologies – we have Oraichain. Officially introduced in 2020, Oraichain is the world’s first data oracle platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) within a blockchain infrastructure. Oraichain’s objective is to serve as a bridge between artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, creating the framework […]

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UK Regulator Clamps Down On "Time to Buy Bitcoin" Ads

The ASA has banned two ads from the cryptocurrency exchange, The exchange has promised to stay compliant going forward.  The regulator has taken a tougher stance against cryptocurrency adverts in recent months. Advertising regulators in the United Kingdom have placed a ban on two Bitcoin ads from This is another figure in what […]

The Novatar: New Blockchain-Based Avatar Project Offers 25K Aging NFTs

The Novatar is a new blockchain-based avatar project with, attention, 25K aging NFTs to represent users in a splendid new digital world. Users can pick the NFT baby, get an adult with an unpredictable appearance, and all the more, other interesting characteristics, whether it’s a profession, style, or even sexual orientation. According to the creators,  […]

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Solana Suffers Network Issue For Second Time In A Week As Co-Founder Denies Reports Of A DDoS Attack

Solana And Polkadot In Nip And Tuck As They Smash New Record Highs, Outperforming Bitcoin

On Thursday, Solana’s status page reported that the network is “currently experiencing degraded performance due to an increase in high compute transactions, which is reducing network capacity to several thousand transactions per second”. And leading to some failed transactions for users. Solana’s developers are yet to clear the air around reports that the network suffered […]