Indian police commissioner issues a public warning against crypto frauds

On behalf of the Hyderabad City Police, Addl. Commissioner Shikha Goel asked Indian citizens to invest in crypto only through reputed and long-established players in this field.

Goel highlighted the various methods that are actively being used by fraudsters to dupe investors such as lucrative investment opportunities, illegitimate bank transfers and cryptocurrencies. Acknowledging the growth of Indian crypto users, Goel added:

“They [fraudsters] ask you to share your cryptocurrency details. And once you put it in your wallet, then the money is taken away.”

After simplifying the elaborate fraud in a sentence, Goel also highlighted that sixteen such cases have been registered involving cryptocurrencies.

The Additional Commissioner of Police Shikha Goel warned Indian citizens about the rise in cybercrime in an event hosted by the city police of Hyderabad, India, suggesting not to transfer cryptocurrencies to unauthorized private wallets.

As a fair warning to the Indian crypto investors, the commissioner said:

“If you are going to be using or investing in cryptocurrency, please go only to the reputed and long-established players in this field.”

Speaking to local news The Hindu, Goel revealed that 14 out of the 16 crypto fraud cases were directly related to investment and trading. Typically, the fraudsters convince the victims to transfer their newly purchased cryptocurrencies for higher profits, which according to Goel:

“People have been cheated of 3.45 crore rupees (roughly $458,000) in their greed for higher returns against investment in cryptocurrency.”

“Once you get cheated, it is a dead-end. Virtual money can never be traced back and returned to the original owner,” she concluded.

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The state government of Telangana also leads India’s blockchain efforts as it launches India Blockchain Accelerator program to foster early-stage Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 startups and blockchain developers.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Rama Devi Lanka, Telangana government’s director of emerging technology, shared her interest to use blockchain technology for solving real-world problems, adding:

“The Telangana government will help provide the required regulatory framework to enable and promote blockchain growth.”

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Fake accounts from Famous Influencers

A phenomenon that has been getting worse in the last few weeks is the fake accounts of prominent influencers. The famous Twitter account Plan B addressed this topic lately in a tweet:

The number of fake accounts that ask fans of real accounts about cryptocurrencies to invest is also increasing on YouTube and Instagram. Some of these accounts are very similar to real accounts. Fake accounts are now one of the most widespread crypto scams.

Blackmail Emails

More and more crypto scams are also occurring in which you receive an email claiming that data has been collected about you. The emails ask you to transfer Bitcoin to a specific wallet. Otherwise sensitive data about you would be published or your bank account would allegedly be emptied. Make sure to ignore these emails!

Dangerous face-to-face Meetings

Some of these crypto scams are already serious criminals. There are certain groups of criminals who target owners of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. In some cases, they even want to gain access to the portfolios of crypto owners by force. 

Pay particular attention to your safety if you are invited to face-to-face meetings with people you do not know! In addition, never give your address or your whereabouts to an unknown person online!

Ponzi schemes

The classic among the crypto scams is the so-called Ponzi scheme. You are promised that you can earn high returns by investing your bitcoins. With Ponzi schemes, however, returns come from other people’s investments. This usually only earns the very first investors and the majority of them lose their coins. Ponzi schemes are not only present in the crypto area and unfortunately, work again and again.

Fake Bitcoin Exchanges

The fake Bitcoin exchanges are among the most cheeky crypto scams. These pretend to be a large Bitcoin exchange that attracts you with extremely low fees. Their only job is to get your FIAT money out of your pocket. These scam exchanges often look very professional at first glance. Therefore stick to reputable crypto exchanges. These include Binance ,  Coinbase ,  Kraken,  and  Bitfinex .

Attention! Binance Scam on Telegram
Attention! Binance Scam on Telegram
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