Smartlink Cements Development Partnership With The CEA

Smartlink, the company that is developing a deep toolset for the decentralized economy, just created a strategic partnership with the CEA. As one of the most innovative research institutions globally, the CEA already has working relationships with Tezos’ Tenderbake, Alstom, Vinci technologies, and Engie. At Smartlink, its innovative approach has attracted a staff of 35 […]

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Ebay Alternative Platform Ethair Market Launches Its Token, Sellers Can Now Accept Crypto for Goods

Ethair Market has listed ETHR token on Uniswap as a result of its first governance vote by the holders. Utilities of the token are directly tied to a user’s interaction with the marketplace. On top of the proprietary token, Ethair Market currently supports fiat and cryptocurrencies such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar and USDC, and […]

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Should You Trust Crypto Influencers? You Know The Answer.

Marketing specialists have a secret they keep from us. When we see billboards or advertisements on the side of the road, we tend to ignore them. But what happens when one of our favorite TikTok influencers or Youtubers posts something? Of course, we read it. We are a product of the technology generation after all. […]

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Pakistanis Own $20 Billion in Crypto, Report Reveals

Pakistanis Own $20 Billion of Crypto, Report RevealsIn the absence of regulations, people in Pakistan have invested a serious amount of money in digital assets. New research claims Pakistanis keep some $20 billion in cryptocurrency, allegedly more than what their central bank has in foreign reserves. Government Urged for Regulations as Study Shows Pakistanis Hold $20 Billion in Cryptocurrency The Pakistani nation […]