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Do I Pay Tax on a Scam Airdrop?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many crypto users have, knowingly or unknowingly, received a scam airdrop in their time Sometimes a scam airdrop can be a dusting attack or just a marketing attempt You are duty bound to pay tax on a scam airdrop, but how much you pay is up to you Crypto airdrops can be a blessing or a curse. Some airdrops can become immensely valuable, whereas others are just ‘dusting’ attacks designed to prepare the way for a bigger attack on your wallet. The unfortunate thing is however that you still need to pay tax on your airdrop regardless of whether it

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Will ‘Dogefather’ Elon Musk Look In The Direction Of XRP? Market Players Are Optimistic For This Reason

Ripple's XRP Could Soon Make its Way Back to Most Crypto Exchanges. Here's Why

Key Takeaways The XRP community is hoping to receive support from Elon Musk. Musk shares the XRP community’s dislike for the antics of the SEC.  While the support from Musk is unlikely, it could be very impactful on XRP.  Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has been a highly influential figure in […]

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PathFund to Launch Staking Feature and Auditing Token Launchpad by 2021’s End

[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] As a result of its recent rebranding, PathFund is ready to enter a whole new phase of marketing and development. The soon-to-be-released staking feature has been rigorously tested and is currently undergoing audits by well-established auditing companies (Certik, QuillAudits & SolidProof). Within the next few weeks, the project will […]

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BBC Bitcoin Mining Report Used in B2C Mining Scam

Reading Time: 2 minutes A BBC report on a New York Bitcoin mining facility has been used by Bitcoin mining scammers The B2C Mining Telegram group edited the report to make it look like it was about their supposed facility Victims have lose life savings in the B2C Mining scam A BBC report on Bitcoin mining has been used to entice unwitting victims into a Telegram-based scam. The journalist who made the report, James Clayton, posted a follow up over the weekend on the BBC news website to show how his video report from a Bitcoin mining facility in New York was being used

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CoinMetro Launches THT Staking

CoinMetro is delighted to announce another first with the launch of THT Staking on our platform. We continue to bring you access to products once reserved for the few. And we’re proud to be the sole exchange offering the ThoughtAI token. Now, we’re the only exchange delivering yet another opportunity to earn passive income through […]

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