Survey Shows Millennial Millionaires Plan to Buy More Crypto Next Year Despite Price Volatility

Survey Shows Millennial Millionaires Plan to Buy More Crypto Next Year Despite Price VolatilityWhile the cryptocurrency economy has seen significant losses across the board — losing billions during the last two weeks — a recent CNBC millionaire survey indicates that millennial millionaires have a lot of crypto. Furthermore, millennial millionaires plan to add more digital assets to their portfolios in 2022. 83% of Millennial Millionaires Own Cryptocurrency, According […]

Illegal Bitcoin Miners In Russia Could Face Jail Time, Says Russian Parliamentarian

Russian Oil Companies Seek To Increase Revenue By Mining Cryptocurrencies Through A Brilliant Strategy

The spotlight on crypto regulations shifts to Russia as government officials seek to punish illegal miners and other offenders with new legislation. High energy consumption of bitcoin miners and its effect on the national grid has been cited by Andrey Lugovoy as his party pushes for the bill. With recent regulations on the industry coming […]

Kenyan Businessman Accused of Defrauding Investors of More Than $140 Million

Businessman and owner of a Kenyan football club, Ricardo Badoer, has been accused of fleecing more than $140 million from investors via his Aidos Kuneen cryptocurrency. Threats Against Investors According to a local report, Kenyan businessman Ricardo Badoer is being accused of defrauding investors via his Aidos Kuneen cryptocurrency of more than $140 million. The […]

Michael Saylor Outlines Genius Ways MicroStrategy Can Generate Income From Its Enormous Bitcoin Coffers

MicroStrategy Is Now Paying Its Board Of Directors In Bitcoin Instead Of Dollars

MicroStrategy, the business-intelligence software company that has cemented its position as the largest corporate holder of Bitcoin, is exploring potential ways to generate income from its massive trove. Here Is What MicroStrategy Could Do With Its Bitcoin Holdings After amassing 122,478 Bitcoin as of December 10, MicroStrategy might seek to make its money work for […]

Invictus Capital Announces NFT Collection to Give African Artists Global Exposure

Invictus Capital has unveiled its first non-fungible token collection, called “Out of Africa,” through the Invictus NFT Lab. Through this collection, Invictus Capital will showcase fine art via blockchain technology as well as connect artists from Africa with the rest of the world. Invictus Capital to Release NFT Collection Blockchain investment platform Invictus Capital recently […]