Bitcoin book for American policymakers gets 5x funding on Kickstarter

With this book, Jimmy Song and a group of seven writers intend to reduce the policymaker’s reliance on traditional media’s narrative on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

A group of eight Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiasts launched a Kickstarter campaign to publish an educational book for America’s federal policymakers, to reduce their reliance on the traditional media narrative on cryptocurrencies. The campaign managed to attract $23,151 in funding, nearly five times the goal of $5,000. 

The book was conceptualized soon after the United States House of Representatives passed the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, which mandates stringent reporting requirements for the crypto community. According to the authors:

“We set out to write a book to help policymakers understand where Bitcoin users are from and what they care about. We want to dispel the notion that it’s a nerd money and show how it’s impacting so many people in America.”

Possible Book Cover. Source: Kickstarter

The Kickstarter was launched by Jimmy Song, a Texas-based crypto entrepreneur and a seasoned author. Other authors include Annaliese Wiederspahn, Gary Leland, Pete Rizzo, Amanda Cavaleri, CJ Wilson, Charlene Fadirepo and Lamar Wilson.

As per the schedule, the manuscript for the Bitcoin book has been drafted and will be finalized by the end of 2021. By January, the authors intend to have the audiobook and paperback available for sale, which will be supported by a “book launch event in Washington DC to promote this book.”

While the Bitcoin book authors have already accounted for the initial funding of $5,000 for the book’s production, the additional funding will be invested in the book’s launch party:

“As authors of this book, we recognized that the impressions in Washington were far from the reality and sought to correct this perception.”

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Supporting the Bitcoin book’s effort to demystify the ecosystem for the regulators, Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell hinted at a lack of concern about crypto disrupting the nation’s financial stability.

As Cointelegraph reported, Powell also said that stablecoins have the potential to scale, “particularly if they were to be associated with one of the very large tech networks that exist.”

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Top Infamous Cryptos of 2021 That Made Investors REKT: Where Will They Be in 2022?

A 200% to 300% increase in any portfolio makes you jump at the top of your seat. Likewise, a 100% devaluation would take away all your belongings. Wondering which market it is? We are talking about the crypto market where investment is a roller-coaster ride. I hope the Squid Game event stays fresh in memory. While the market favored tokens in the metaverse, there is a handful that choked badly. In this article, we shall look at a few worst crypto performers of 2021. Also, we will see whether they can make a comeback in 2022.

Top 5 Worst Crypto of 2021

Squid Game 

Squid Game token is the perfect example of a reckless investment. This token shot to fame post its launch. On October 27, 2021, the coin traded at $0.04 and experienced a sharp surge in prices in a few days. On October 31, 2021, it was trading at $35. At that point, the founders cashed out leading to a rug-pul. Within moments, the token zeroed and founders/developers made $3.7 million. To this day, this scam haunts all those who wanted to get rich overnight. 

Bogged Finance 

It is not always the founders or developers to blame, sometimes protocols are prone to hacks. That’s what had happened with Bogged finance. Bog entered the crypto-verse with a wonderful use-case. The project aimed to bring centralized finance tools to the DeFi space. Though it started off well, the token followed a bearish pattern later. It continued its downward ascend from $22.54 on May 12 to $9.26 on May 21. This wasn’t all since it further fell to zero down post an attack. An attacker drained $3 million in liquidity from the Bog protocol. As a result, the ecosystem took damage control steps by burning 7.5 million Bog tokens to restore its value. 

Pancake Bunny 

Pancake Bunny, another token in the infamous list tricked by the flash loan scam. The token price dropped from $545.82 to $3.12. The scam took shape in the form of a hacker using large amounts of BNBs to rig the market. The hacker first took a large sum in loans and used the same to mint Bunny tokens. Later on, the market crashed due to a large amount of off-loading. The prices crashed from $238 to $25 in a few hours. However, unlike all other scams, Pancake Bunny returned $18 million to investors. Thus igniting hope that despite the absence of regulations, DeFi still has potential.


bEarn is another unlucky mention on this list. This token didn’t experience price manipulation but a vault attack. Attackers used flash loans from Cream Finance of $7.8 million. The amount was deposited and withdrawn 30 times from the bEarn vault. As a result, the coin dipped from $955.99 to $16 post an $11 million loss in stablecoins. 


Ekta brought a wonderful use-case of bridging the physical and real world. However, having witnessed an unprecedented rise to $10.41 in August, the token fell to $0.15 in October. The protocol got hacked by individuals from its own team. 

Can they make a comeback in 2022?

Apart from Ekta and Bogged Finance, there isn’t much news from other tokens that they will return. Pancake Bunny future price predictions show a zero return on investment. Whereas, Bogged Finance could make a comeback and trade at $1.22 as per experts. 2022 will be an interesting year to see how these tokens make a comeback and restore public trust. 

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Bitcoin & cryptocurrency news

AscendEX Resumes Operations Following $77 Million Hack

Reading Time: 2 minutes AscendEX users can now deposit and withdraw a number of cryptocurrencies from the exchange AscendEX was hacked last week and $77 million worth of tokens stolen The exchange has kept users informed each step of the way as it recovers AscendEX, the exchange that was hacked last week for $77 million worth of ERC-20, BSC, and Polygon tokens, has begun to open back up after recovering from the attack. AscendEX has re-enabled the withdrawal and depositing of a number of coins on the ERC-20 network with more to follow soon, while revealing that it has completely revamped its hot wallet

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Bitcoin’s Extended Sell-Off Is Finally Here — Here’s What We Know

Over $4 Billion In Bitcoin Open Interest Has Just Been Cleared Amid Sell-Off — New Data Unveils Where Crypto Market Is Headed

FED’s week is coming to an end and although the market is still absorbing the shock accessioned earlier in the month, things are not looking so flowery with crypto prices struggling to gain a footing in what now seems to be a fight for survival. For the past 30 days, Bitcoin has shed off sizable […]

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AAA Blockchain Game ‘Realms of Ethernity’ Raises $5M From DIG International

GAINESVILLE, FL, 19th December, 2021, —  Realms of Ethernity, an upcoming MMORPG metaverse game on Polygon, has raised $5 million in a private token sale from Decentralised Investment Group (DIG) International, a Dubai-based investment firm. The investment comes on the heels of an earlier public pre-sale that raised over $5 million. The investment was made

Bitcoin tests yearly moving average as $100K by Christmas needs ‘small miracle’

Bitcoin will now decide whether or not to preserve the one-year trendline as support in what has historically resulted in long-term upside.

Bitcoin (BTC) prepared a showdown with a key moving average (MA) price trend on Dec. 19 with time running out for a strong 2021 close.

BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingView

“I vote we bounce and stay bull”

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed BTC/USD trading at $47,000 Sunday, still firmly in an established range.

That price is currently the location of Bitcoin’s one-year MA trendline, an important historical line in the sand that has enabled considerable upside if BTC/USD preserves it as support.

“The 1yr MA is a pretty important bitcoin bull/bear pivot level historically and we are sat right on it now,” Philip Swift, creator of on-chain data resource Look Into Bitcoin, commented.

“I vote we bounce and stay bull.”

BTC/USD 1-week candle chart (Bitstamp) with 52-week MA. Source: TradingView

A bounce would still leave a vast amount of ground to recover in order to post an end-of-year closing price even slightly in line with previous bullish expectations.

Among them are those of stock-to-flow model creator PlanB, who at the weekend acknowledged that his $100,000 target for 2021 was unlikely to hit.

He added that he would not be abandoning his models, which remain valid despite recent events.

No “Santa rally” for macro this year

The unusual end to 2021 has also impacted traditional markets, meanwhile, with the classic “Santa rally” nowhere to be seen last week.

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Comments from the United States Federal Reserve provided a short-lived performance boost, but overall, progress has been limp compared to earlier in the year.

“Look as if mkts not staging typical Santa Rally,” markets commentator Holger Zschaepitz concluded.

“Global stocks have lost $1.8tn in mkt cap this wk as investors reacted to hawkish Fed pivot, spike in Covid cases & find themselves positioning into 2022 of already-elevated valuations. Stocks still worth $118tn, 140% of global GDP.”

The immediate outlook was no more favorable, with the Coronavirus Omicron variant sparking fresh economic shutdowns set to last into the new year.

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Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH At Critical Decision Point Before Possible Huge Move

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