Rainbowcity Foundation Launches RainbowDAO Protocol in Gitcoin Grant 12

[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] On December 15, 2021, Rainbowcity Foundation announced the official launch of DAO infrastructure project: RainbowDAO Protocol in the Gitcoin Grant12 event. This is the first web3 project incubated by Rainbowcity Foundation, and it is also the first global public display of its ecological project. What is RainbowDAO Protocol? RainbowDAO […]

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Mastering the Metaverse: Solice is Planning a Solana Takeover

The next time you hear someone dismiss the metaverse as “all hype,” kindly inform them that a 500-square-meter plot of virtual real estate is worth more than their house. At any rate, this stinging retort should suffice providing your adversary’s abode is worth less than $2.43 million – the price associated with the largest metaverse land acquisition to date. The eye-popping purchase by the Metaverse Group reflects a groundswell of support among investors, who are increasingly betting big on vibrant virtual ecosystems wherein users work, earn and socialize. Even Facebook is wise to the prevailing headwinds, having recently declared that it will transform from a social media firm into a metaverse company. A Metaverse Open to All While Facebook’s executive branch will be keen to establish the company as a dominant player in this rapidly-expanding market, a note on their new website explains that “the metaverse will be a collective project that goes beyond a single company. It will be created by people all over the world, and open to everyone.” It’s a sentiment shared by Solice, a soon-to-be-released metaverse project built on top of Solana’s super-fast blockchain. Devised by a core team of senior software engineers and creative designers, with assistance from VR gaming experts and crypto/DeFi veterans, Solice aims to be the most immersive and interactive virtual environment in the blockchain universe, with a colorful landscape made up of five unique islands. In this alluring archipelago, players can participate in a range of activities, whether they wish to explore, invent, earn, game, barter or socialize. Key components of Solice include an integrated 3D NFT marketplace wherein users can buy, sell and browse items such as pets (whose rarity will determine APY rates), avatar apparel, the raw materials needed to construct various items (ore, rare gems), and even land and buildings. In the case of the latter, LAND NFTs are represented by 15x15m squares with the total number of parcels capped at 60,000. While Solice owns all public spaces, plazas and roads – none of which can be bought or sold by users – the rest of the terrain is up for grabs. Compatible with wearable VR/AR tech out of the box, Solice will take users to a phantasmagorical dimension: a released sketch of the metaverse shows several floating islands, each with its own unique properties and features. The first one users can get to grips with is Amoris, described as a Utopia for the civilized human species. Thereafter, islands such as the mysterious Yamashi and volcanic Ludivour will offer their own delights. Stacking Paper in Solice’s Meta-World Interestingly, Solice allows users to both take advantage of inbuilt earning opportunities and create their own revenue-raising models. Thus, players can stake tokens on land plots to obtain extra APY rewards while also getting to create mini-games that others are charged to play. The latter feature is enabled by an editor program, a stand-alone SDK scheduled for release next autumn. Play-to-earn (P2E) mechanisms in the form of quests, meanwhile, will incentivize users to complete missions in exchange for rewards. Solice’s powerful infrastructure means that it’s even possible to run competitions, host ticketed events (fashion shows, concerts), and rent desirable LAND parcels to other players, with 5% of all marketplace transactions collected as transaction fees. At the center of Solice’s burgeoning world is SLC, the project’s native currency. By holding such tokens in their wallets, players can vote on governance matters, earn staking rewards, create their own assets, and pick up NFTs from the marketplace. As in the most ambitious metaverse projects, Solice is pitched at a vast cross-section of users: liquidity providers and other DeFi veterans; hardcore gamers; even businesses, who can lease advertising space in busy public areas. While the hype is building nicely for the venture, users will have to wait until early 2022 to get to grips with everything Solice has to offer. Only then will we know whether Solana’s latest metaverse project has staying power.  

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Polkadot Parachain Auction Highlight: Composable Finance

The Polkadot parachain auctions are continuously creating waves in the blockchain and DeFi space as promising projects are participating and seeking support to enable their vision for the future of the Dotsama ecosystem. Composable Finance has officially launched their crowdloan for the auctions in the second batch, opening the door for the DeFi ecosystem to support their efforts in securing a Polkadot parachain. It is important to note that Composable Finance has previously procured a Kusama Parachain and is taking a similar approach in their campaign for the DOT parachain.   Composable Finance aims to bring to life the idea of cross-chain communication to ultimately create a blockchain-agnostic environment. Through extensive research they have identified the benefits of the Dotsama ecosystem and have targeted their efforts towards Polkadot and Kusama to enable their underlying vision. As previously mentioned, Composable Finance successfully obtained a Kusama parachain by the name of Picasso which acts as a supportive hub for their innovation and is now engaging in the next steps of securing a Polkadot parachain to further advance their infrastructure and capabilities within this space. Notably, Composable Finance allows users to contribute to their crowdloan campaign using ERC-20 stablecoins in addition to $DOT. This functionality allows for contributions from a broader range of supporters outside of just $DOT holders and is an exciting way to converge and unify ecosystems to engage in joint progress for interoperability which aligns with the vision of Composable Finance. Additionally, Composable Finance offers very competitive rewards for early contributors of the crowdloan outlined here: 12% of their native LAYR token supply earmarked for crowdloan contributors with the additional incentives of: 10% bonus for the contributors that stake in the first three days of the crowdloan Additional 5% bonus to those staking in the first 24 hours of the crowdloan 5% bonus to stakers who previously contributed KSM or Stablecoins to Compasable’s Picasso crowdloan (Kusama Parachain Auction) 20% referral bonus to users that refer a sum of 1000 DOT to the crowdloan using the referral codes Composable Finance is on the journey to establish a truly interoperable environment for developers and users engaging in the broader DeFi ecosystem, one that is not held down by the barriers of the siloed multi-chain framework. The creation of a fully blockchain agnostic environment would tremendously impact the capabilities of the entire space and it is exciting that leaders such as Composable Finance are coming forward to spearhead this vision. The procurement of a Polkadot parachain is thus an instrumental step in enabling Composable Finance to move the needle towards interconnectivity and cross-chain communication in blockchain.

How to Buy PLEX | Where, How and Why

MinePlex is a new generation mobile crypto bank with its own blockchain, liquid token, and mobile app. It successfully combines the traditional financial instruments, blockchain technology, and the capabilities of mobile applications to offer full-fledged banking services available 24/7. The MinePlex banking ecosystem offers fast payments at a low fee and services that allow the daily use of cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world. MinePlex services include a reliable and convenient mobile crypto bank available 24/7, with complete banking services, a crypto wallet, and crypto cards. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the cryptobank MinePlex and the […]