Luno CEO: ‘Industry Accelerated a Lot Faster This Year Than We Anticipated’

The pace of the crypto industry’s acceleration in 2021 has surprised many, including Marcus Swanepoel, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Luno. Swanepoel recently remarked: “We knew it was coming, but just not that fast, particularly in certain subsectors like NFTs and some altcoins.” Subsectors at ‘Top of Their Hype Cycle’ The acceleration of the crypto industry […]

Crypto Not A Systemic Financial Risk Yet, Says FED Chair Powell

Almost $200 Billion Worth Of Bitcoin Is Currently At Risk - Report Warns

Cryptocurrencies do not expose the United States financial stability to any significant risks at the moment according to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. However, this asset class is still risky on its own because the assets are speculative not backed by anything according to Powell. In a press conference held yesterday, Powell also said stablecoins […]

UK Inflation Hits 10-Year High After Bank Of England Warns Bitcoin Could Become Worthless

UK Inflation Jumps To 10-Year High After Bank Of England Says Bitcoin Could Become Worthless

The inflation rate in the UK has risen 5.1% to hit a 10-year high.  Crypto enthusiasts proffer Bitcoin to hedge against inflation.  The UK central banker, The Bank of England, remains unreceptive to Bitcoin, however.  The United Kingdom has been hit by surging inflation figures. According to data published by the UK Office for National […]