Indian Government to Make Additional Changes to Crypto Bill: Report

Indian Government to Make More Changes to Indian Crypto Bill: ReportThe Indian government is reportedly making additional changes to the country’s crypto bill. The bill, which is listed for the current session of parliament, may be taken up in the budget session instead. According to reports, the government could also “consider bringing an ordinance or special order after the session.” Indian Crypto Bill Needs More […]

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The Team of Crypto Channel “Gagarin Show” Released a 62-Piece NFT Collection on OpenSea

[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] “American Heroes” is a 62 piece 3D art collection that counteracts pop culture’s glorification of fictional superheroes by shining the light on real-life historical figures who fought on the side of good long before the emergence of protagonists with superpowers. Each token represents an iconic hero of American history […]

NEXTYPE Launches Next Generation Gameverse REBORN

NEXTYPE Launches Next Generation Gameverse REBORN

A new game called REBORN is out to outline the early shape of the Web3 games. The game was launched by NEXTYPE, one of the world’s leading blockchain game-integrated distribution platforms. The platform focuses on the development of native GameFi products, NFTFi products, and the GameFi incubator. REBORN Whitelist BetaTest held so many positive comments […]