Nigerian Government Minister Calls for Regulation of Crypto, Considers Additional Body ‘to Play That Role’

A minister in the Nigerian government has called on authorities in the country to consider regulating cryptocurrencies instead of clamping down on them. The Law Does Not Stipulate Who Regulates Cryptos In what appears to be a rebuke of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) over its stance on cryptocurrencies, a minister in the Nigerian […]

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Crypto Shopping Is Here – SocialGood App

One of the primary reasons consumers shop online is to take advantage of the convenience it offers and excellent bargains such as cash-backs, coupons, discounts, and other incentives. Now that we are entering the third generation web – web 3.0,  cryptocurrency is taking the lead in that sense as well. As a consequence, the number of buyers who have embraced cryptocurrencies within e-commerce has grown exponentially. Interestingly, there is a project that is merging these two concepts – it is referred to as SocialGood. About SocialGood – The Crypto Shopping App To address the world’s growing economic inequality problem, the Japan-based Social Good Foundation developed a mobile crypto back app called SocialGood, which stands out because it offers 100% crypto back. This is quite different from other crypto apps that offer cash-back options. With other apps, shoppers can only expect to receive a 1% to 3% cashback. Besides that, other firms offer a waiting period of up to three months. With SocialGood, the waiting period to receive the crypto back can be as little as 30 days. The app is available for both iOS and Android users and it features several eCommerce partners, including eBay, AliExpress, Myntra, Best Buy, Alibaba, and many others. SocialGood aspires to contribute back to the community in which it operates. It is a community-driven cryptocurrency initiative to improve the world and create a win-win-win situation for buyers, merchants, and society as a whole, all while connecting the world through the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. How SocialGood App Works The process is extremely simple and only involves a few steps. First, shoppers buy goods using fiat currency. They can pay using any of the supported payment options on the eCommerce site. Once they do this, they qualify for up to 100% of the value purchased back in crypto up to $10,000. Second, they will receive a notification that their crypto is pending in the form of the SocialGood coins (SG) within a few days. Shoppers will be able to withdraw this crypto within a month of shopping. The final step is withdrawing the crypto. Crypto can be withdrawn once the partner company has approved the purchase, which can take a month. SG is currently listed on leading crypto exchanges such as BitMart, Uniswap, and Bittrex. Users can also receive up to 15% APY in staking rewards if they hold onto their SG. Since the utility of the SG tokens will continue rising, their value is likely to continue growing with time. The SocialGood app is a growing movement that has over 600,000 members globally.

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DeFi Professionals Can Now Develop Their Projects Safely

As the number of DeFi initiatives increases, so does the number of scams and fraudulent development procedures. Every fundraising and development mechanism entails risk, and launchpads are no exception. Investors may never know how the developers will spend the money. Furthermore, the crypto industry has seen several malicious entities use fund-raising techniques such as deceptive roadmaps and commitments to drain investors’ wallets for personal gain. GloryDoge is here to help by establishing a secure DeFi environment that enables the development of creative projects while decreasing the risk for early investors. Glory Pad: The next-gen IDO Launchpad The first platform, GloryPad, allows developers to create IDOs to generate early cash and promote their initiatives. It isn’t just that! GloryPad will transfer ownership of the generated funds from developers to investors by making it impossible for developers to utilize the funds in any way without the authorization and approval of the investors. Developers will need to set tasks, clear paths for where the raised monies will go to generate donations on GloryPad. Chores aren’t required to perform a sale, but the more tasks a sale conducts, the more investors trust the enterprise. Tasks can be compared to future compensation. When the sale’s soft cap is achieved, these payments will be sent automatically. Investors may always double-check the payment’s destination and reject jobs they feel aren’t advantageous to the enterprise. GloryPad will also serve as a social center, connecting developers with funders, marketers, influencers, and other interested parties who may help them launch their ideas successfully. Anyone will be able to submit a task request to any GloryPad project that interests them. GloryPad will also rely extensively on links to various social networks to authenticate the identification of those being compensated for their labor. Glory Dox: the supplement to GloryPad GloryDox is changing how project founders in the DeFi ecosystem verify (dox) their identity. It completely automates the verification process, requiring no human intervention, while also giving investors proof of verification, which helps create confidence. As a result, it gives the founders a robust layer of protection, allowing them to have their identity validated while remaining safe. Veriff is a third-party KYC provider used by GloryDox. After being verified, the founder will receive a badge, which they may display on their website to confirm verification. Additionally, they will add other team members and invite them to complete the verification procedure independently. Each team member will obtain an NFT as proof of verification valid for 12 months once they have been validated. GloryDox is an integral part of the GloryPad onboarding process, and the verification badge will show on every validated project’s presale page. Glory’s launchpad will truly spark a boost of energy in the cryptocurrency industry. It’ll give average investors access to possibilities that were previously exclusively available to venture capitalists and high-net-worth people. It will serve as a link between investors and projects, decentralizing the investment landscape. The increased usage of launchpads, in general, has shifted the crypto sphere significantly, making investments easier, quicker, and more dependable.

Tesla’s Elon Musk On Why He Prioritizes Dogecoin Over Bitcoin As A Superior Payment Medium

DOGE Shoots Up As Elon Musk’s New Twitter Picture Excites Legion Of Dogecoin Fans

World’s richest man Elon Musk reiterates that Dogecoin is a better transactional currency than Bitcoin.  He commented while speaking to Time Magazine as the Person of the Year.  Musk’s recognition from the magazine is coming on the back of his high position of influence on several industries.  Elon Musk has reiterated his reasons for holding […]

The Bitcoin Network Has Settled A Staggering $12 Trillion In Transactions This Year

Bullish: How the Taproot Upgrade Will Transform the Bitcoin Network

The Bitcoin network sets a new record of $12 trillion in transactions settled in a year. 10T Holdings founder, Dan Tapiero, says the massive volume is evidence of incoming hyperbitcoinization.  Institutional and retail adoption continues to grow following the new development. The Bitcoin network has been breaking and setting new records in 2021. Year-to-date, the […]