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Crypto Trading Becomes Social

The crypto sector is overflowing with tokens, trading platforms, news portals, and virtual communities. Every day, members of the community hunt for the most lucrative projects to invest in. Combing through hundreds of platforms, media outlets, and social media platforms. What if there was one place where all potential investors could get a hold of this information directly through members of the crypto community? Introducing Buzz by Flooz.Trade Buzz users experience a new level of trading and interaction with the community, unlike anything currently available in the industry. The platform is a fantastic source of information for new users in the space who wish to learn about trading or those who are unsure about where to invest. For seasoned traders who are ready to capitalize on their experience, Buzz offers them a chance to take the general public under their wings. Users can think of Buzz as a crypto-focused version of Twitter, for investors and trading. Traders can utilize the new feature on the Flooz platform to find out about the community’s opinion on general trading and specific tokens and projects. Because public market opinion on these assets can affect prices and performances, traders get access to first-hand information from their fellow community members. This way, buying, selling, staking, and allocation decisions can be made more reliably, and with valuable input from the community. Buzz traders get to experience a increased familiarity with other traders and trading patterns. On the platform, users are able to Peek and Pop into other traders’ wallets for more than a glimpse of their portfolios and trading practices. This stimulates trading transparency, helping inexperienced people trade like experts. Eventually, traders may not initiate any activity without first looking up the project’s buzz. By democratizing trading knowledge, Buzz creates a turnaround in the crypto space, aiming to become the standard for trading activity. Traders will gain insight from watching whales invest and will be able to gauge the buzz around new tokens and projects. Ultimately, tokens that have no buzz may end up with little to no trader activity. Social Trading, Token Partnership, and Verification The Buzz’s social trading framework directly births the need to verify tokens or projects. With the myriad of tokens available, Flooz.Trade is open to partnering with projects that pass the platform’s due diligence requirements. These vetted projects will receive complete verification and a branded page with essential stats for the community of investors. After verification, these projects may embed Flooz.Trade on all their websites and social media pages. Flooz.Trade takes its mission to humanize crypto way further than just its website or app, allowing interoperability via other popular platforms like Discord and Telegram. This widens the overall user experience, opening Buzz to traders and other community members who are already active on these other social media platforms. Users can figure out which tokens have the loudest buzz from these external platforms and make trading decisions accordingly. What’s Buzzing Today? In addition to creating new opportunities for platform users, the Buzz feature can even help traders avoid losses. In many cases, both the traditional and crypto markets feature assets sometimes sway with market sentiment. While traders can invest in tokens with the Loudest Buzz, investors can use the Buzz to close down their positions in the crypto markets. This will prevent traders from losing funds to tokens or projects that either do not generate enough buzz or have negative market sentiments. Anyone looking to begin with the next big platform in Web3 and crypto social trading needs to fly over to Buzz by Flooz.Trade for real-time market information. Visit Flooz.Trade’s platforms for more information: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Telegram | Discord | Youtube      

Prosecutor General’s Office Wants to See ‘Cryptocurrency’ in Russian Law

Prosecutor General’s Office Wants to See ‘Cryptocurrency’ in Russian LawThe Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation has insisted that the term “cryptocurrency” should be added to the country’s legislation. The move would allow authorities in Moscow to confiscate digital assets that have been involved in criminal activities. Russian Prosecutor General’s Office Prepares Amendments Allowing Seizure of Cryptocurrency With cryptocurrencies being only partially regulated […]

Cardano Network Records Significant Growth In Number Of Plutus-Based Smart Contracts

Cardano’s Network Growth Supports Bullish Trend, But ADA Must Prevail Possible Selling Pressure

Plutus smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain rapidly increasing. The over 200% increase in the past few weeks is coming amidst increasing activity on Cardano. The price of ADA however continues to struggle along with much of the crypto market. The world’s largest proof-of-stake cryptocurrency network, Cardano, has seen a significant uptick in the number […]

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Cirus Browser Extension Announced in New Project Roadmap Update

A number of concurrent development efforts and initiatives are underway at Cirus. These include pre-deployment testing of Genesis, completion of hardware integration testing, development of the Cirus Core, and testing D-VoiS, the first ISP partner of the Cirus Foundation. Dedicated resources continue to work on other aspects of the Cirus Ecosystem as the team pushes forward toward the formal rollout of Genesis, the Cirus Wallet, Cirus Device Integration, and the release of the Cirus mobile app.

Bitcoin & cryptocurrency news

Cardano Launchpad Flickto Brings Media Financing To The Masses

Not a lot of projects possess the ability to be convincing at first glance but Flickto has managed to pull this off. One look at the Flickto project conveys its mission to potential investors and that is to help creators produce their work. Flickto has recognized that there is a gap to be filled in the media space when it comes to financing and has taken steps to bridge this gap. Flickto enables Cardano users to fund media projects in return for a reward. This way, the media launchpad is able to provide financing to creators and artists through pools funded by investors. This is a first-of-its-kind launchpad in the Cardano ecosystem that enables anyone to fund and sponsor media productions of their choosing. Financing With Flickto For a project to receive financing through the Flickto launchpad, users will first need to vote on the project. To vote, users need to hold FLICK tokens. These tokens are then staked, which confers the right to vote on the holder. Projects with the most votes then go on to be financed by the community. Users are also allowed to stake their ADA tokens alongside their FLICK tokens. Participation in voting also attracts rewards for the users who have voted for a media project. Every media project financed by the Flickto community comes with perks for the investors. They are guaranteed a share of distribution royalties from all of the projects financed through the platform. Flickto aims to fund the next generation of content creators, filmmakers, TV producers, and NFT artists. Film industry veterans Ben Morris and Geraint Harvard Jones have joined the project as advisors. Bringing decades worth of experience across direction and production spheres, Morris and Jones will help guide Flickto in the right direction. Funding Using ISPOs Flickto makes use of the ISPO model to finance media projects. ISPOs have come into favor in the crypto space because they’re a sustainable way to finance blockchain projects by allowing users to get involved by becoming delegators. This allows investors to get involved in the Flickto project right away. Adoption of the delegator pool has grown rapidly with nearly 200 delegators and more than 1.5 million ADA in Active Stake. The ISPO will serve as a mechanism to raise funds for the project, as well as secure financing for the approved media projects. Some projects have already begun to use ISPOs to finance initiatives on the Cardano blockchain and have found success doing so. How to Get Started The Flickto project is still in its infancy as it launched recently, which means investors can still get in on the asset early on. The first private sale for FLICK tokens came to an end last week. The project is set to launch its IDO powered by Cardano-based project,, where users will be able to purchase FLICK tokens. Users can also stake ADA to earn FLICK tokens, as well as enter into various NFT airdrops related to the project. Subsequent to the private and presale rounds, users will be able to obtain FLICK tokens from centralized and decentralized exchanges once the token is listed. This will ensure that the digital asset is evenly distributed and readily available for investors to be able to take advantage of the launchpad. The total supply for FLICK tokens is capped at 5,000,000,000 (five billion). 65% will go towards public distribution, with 15% distributed across teams, advisors, and partners, 15% to liquidity and treasury, and 10% for marketing and operations.