Spoofer Claims On Giant Crypto Exchanges By Willy Woo Play Out As This Whale Dumps Bitcoin At A Loss To Suppress Price

Subtle hints that indicate Elon Musk is already a Bitcoin Whale

A vicious price dump across cryptocurrencies led by Bitcoin last weekend has left crypto users asking more questions than can be answered. Whereas such dumps have often been associated with events known to all and sundry, last week’s exaggerated sell-off that saw traders part with over $2.5 Billion is now proving to be more than […]

Blockchain World & NFT’s in Abu Dhabi

A Stage Set For Inspiration The world can often feel upside down these days. What if we were able to make a blockchain bubble that felt just right for a bit? When I met with the founding team of Blockchain World in Dubai last time I was over there, I fell in love with their vision for Blockchain World. It was about setting up a TED talk environment for the main stage, bringing in passionate blockchain educators, as well as making it a worthy show via NFTs & more. Abu Dhabi is now playing catch up to Dubai, after having observed how the city has faired with it. This means that among the 20K expected attendees, there will be serious players, and the NFT exhibits will be very interesting as well. The Digital Fire(side) The Helicon studio concept is also intriguing, on how to make presenting NFTs, panels and firesides much more casual. The stage presentations will shift from various useful ideas, interesting panel discussions to personal stories on how blockchain has changed the lives of many people. NFT Cars I’ll be attending with the NFT cars previously seen at the WOW Summit at the Atlantis, as well as present a new motion NFT. They are the future of limited edition luxury art cars. 55 Art Cars Auctioned and sold as and with NFTs, with Dr Marwan Al Zarouni, the CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center. Outside the car VR assets, we are going to present a new expansion to the project on the main stage as well. Artcar.io We are also constructing, together with the Blockchain World team, a souped up version of my physical studio in Helsinki for the stage. Brittany Kaiser is also one of the speakers, and will do a joint session with me on the Helicon studio regarding what we just recorded in Helsinki together. This is the first publication by my very talented photographer friend Ilkka Mattila. This was a separate satellite shoot among the whole as a visualised Own Your Data session. “Brittany visited Finland Nobember 2021. I had a possibility to meet her and be a part of photography showing how addicted and naked we are in front of global data giants such as Meta etc. Brittany’s hard work for our rights on our data was to be described as well. In front of data giants we are literally naked – there is nothing we can hide. And there are data flows guiding us on our daily routines whether we liked it or not.” – Ilkka Mattila Talented Artists & Entrepreneurs Among the other NFT artists, the talented Kristel Bechara(@atelier_kristel) We will also get some updates from me and Mr. Hrish from Superworld regarding our Luxor NFT / VR temple build A sneak preview of the Luxor temple NFT gallery. Krypto Granny and Papa Blockchain will make a combo presentation on the main stage, so don’t miss out on some powerful based crypto education. It was also a real pleasure to chat art, NFTs, artcars and more with the Crypto Sheiks in their cosy home studio. The guys will also be present at the Blockchain World conf. Listen to the ep here I, for one, can’t wait to see the Abu Dhabi Louvre, the grand mosque, and more. Blockchain World will be held in ADNEC, Abu Dhabi on 15-17 December 2021, incorporating the informative DCS Summit, the world’s first – Helicon Studio, an immersive Blockchain and NFT show and activations that will talk about the ‘Future Vision’ of digital technology with a live studio audience and exclusive celebrity guests. Oh… and here is the new signature and logo that will go on prints as well as conference branding 🙌 See you at Blockchain World. V E S A Crypto & NFT Artist All links to physical, NFTs, and more below http://linktr.ee/ArtByVesa

From The Ground: DeLorme Tests El Salvador’s Fast Food Chains’ BTC Capabilities

Part two of thee of the From The Ground reports based on Stephen DeLorme’s phenomenal work. Here’s the first edition, but let’s recap. DeLorme is a designer who’s got a grant from Spiral BTC to work with the Bitcoin Design Community. They produced the outstanding Bitcoin Design Guide. He’s also a caring human who asked […]

Three Arrows Capital Buys 100,000 ETH In Deal Worth Nearly Half A Billion Dollars, Days After Its CEO Trashed Ethereum

Standard Chartered Takes More Bullish Stance On Ethereum Than Bitcoin, Predicts ETH At $35,000

Three Arrows Capital is holding a hefty amount of Ethereum, despite CEO Su Zhu’s rubbishing claims on the cryptocurrency less than two weeks ago. Zhu’s Firm Did Not Sell Ether; You’re Welcome The rant which came on November 21st interestingly coincided with data on Etherscan showing that the address marked “Three Arrows Capital” on Nansen […]

Enjoy-To-Earn NFT Game Deesse Raises $2 Million In Seed Round Funding

Enjoy-To-Earn NFT Game Deesse Raises $2 Million In Seed Round Funding

NFT games are becoming increasingly popular with several launching in the play-to-earn game ecosystem. Deesse, a blockchain-based enjoy-to-earn placement game has also closed its first seed round. The game raised $2 million at the close of the seed round with many major investments from Polygon Studio, Founder of Polygon, Republic capital, Metaverse money, AU21, Tron […]

El Salvador’s Pro-Bitcoin President Reveals He Trades BTC For His Country Through His Phone, Proves To Be Good At It

El Salvador To Use Stunning Bitcoin Profits For Pet Hospital Construction Program, Reveals President Bukele

El Salvador’s president has revealed that he trades Bitcoin on behalf of the country through his mobile phone. The country has adopted the strategy of buying the dip and has steadily increased its Bitcoin holdings. El Salvador’s president has been accused of being a dictator with the method employed to stimulate Bitcoin adoption. President Bukele, […]