Salvadoran Ecologist Claims Nayib Bukele’s Volcano-Powered Bitcoin Mine Will ‘End in Environmental Disaster’

El Salvador’s leading ecologist Ricardo Navarro believes that mining bitcoin with a volcano, or geothermal energy, will “end in environmental disaster.” Navarro believes geothermal energy costs more than oil, and thinks El Salvador’s millennial president Nayib Bukele’s decision is questionable. Salvadoran ecologist Ricardo Navarro Questions His Country’s Volcano-Powered Bitcoin City Venture During the second week […]

2021’s BTC Obituary List Accelerated This Year, 41 Alleged Bitcoin Deaths Recorded

2021's BTC Obituary List Accelerated This Year, 41 Alleged Bitcoin Deaths RecordedAs bitcoin and a number of crypto assets have dropped in value during the last two weeks, its seems that everyone’s hope for six-digit bitcoin prices has become unattainable. However, year-to-date, bitcoin has risen more than 150% in value and despite the rise, skeptics and critics continue to assume bitcoin is dead. In fact, the […]

Binance CEO CZ Reassures Of The Exchange’s Comeback To The UK Market

UK's Financial Authorities Declares Binance Not Capable Of Being Supervised Properly - Poses A 'Significant Risk' To British Investors

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao says the exchange may soon relaunch in the U.K. Binance was prohibited from operating in the country back in June.  Crypto adoption continues to grow in the country despite strict laws.  Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is working on reentering the U.K. market as a regulated entity. The plans were revealed by its […]

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How Avatar NFTs Allow Us to Reclaim Our Online Identity in the Metaverse

Thanks largely to Facebook’s recently announced ambitions and subsequent rebranding, metaverse has become THE investor buzzword of late 2021. Grayscale estimates that the metaverse could represent a $1 trillion market opportunity, while firms including Microsoft, Sony, and Samsung have all jumped on the bandwagon. Amid all the excitement about a potentially vast new growth industry, […]

Ethereum’s Steadfastness Stands Out During The Crypto Dump For This Reason

As The First U.S Bitcoin ETF Debuts, Grayscale CEO Sees An Ethereum ETF Rolling Out

On Monday, markets continued to recover after losing grip and falling into an overextended sell-off on Saturday after fear exacerbated by various variants seemed to overcome the crypto community’s hodl patience. Most notably, one could not fail to notice how the “least volatile” crypto asset, Bitcoin led in the shed, losing far more value than […]