Introducing WalletConnect Functionality on CoinStats Wallet

Our users have been constantly inquiring about this functionality, and we’re so happy that it’s finally here!  Are you all about designing or connecting to dApps? Whether you’re looking to engage in Japanese fortune-telling via the Ethereum-based dApps Jinja or collect and train avatar fighters in the EOS-based Chain Clash, you need to be able to connect your wallet to a certain dApp or DEX.  Say, you’re browsing OpenSea and stumble upon a beautiful work of art or a valuable collectible you want to purchase. You can now connect your CoinStats Wallet to OpenSea, purchase that NFT directly, and track […]

The Limited Edition CoinStats Punks NFT Collection: A Token of Team Spirit

The 49 members of the CoinStats team, most of whom are, of course, geeks and crypto enthusiasts, recently added a limited edition NFT from CoinStats to their NFT collections. The “CoinStats Punks” NFT collection now on OpenSea is, as the title suggests, inspired by the style of CryptoPunks.  Considering that the collection is limited to the first 49 employees, these NFTs will likely be highly rare when the team grows. The unique pixelated portraits of the employees are a token of appreciation for the young team’s input and dedication. They were created by CoinStats for the current team members, specifically […]

Announcing New Partnership with Unicrypt

CoinStats is delighted to announce a brand new partnership with Unicrypt that is sure to benefit both user bases and bring us a step closer to our goals. Wanna learn more about the collaboration? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive in! What Is Unicrypt Launched in June of 2020, Unicrypt is a multi-chain decentralized platform with an extensive toolset of decentralized services. Currently, Unicrypt has 20,000 daily users and has over $500 million worth of crypto locked. The six key services offered are liquidity lockers, token minting and vesting, farms and staking as service, and technology for launching […]

CoinStats’ Growth in 2021 & What’s Coming Next

Dear CoinStats Community,  It is a great pleasure for me to look back on the year 2021: Seeing my vision take shape at such an accelerated rate has been truly amazing, and I only have you, CoinStats users, and the team to thank.  That’s right, this year CoinStats’ stats are through the roof. We experienced a 400% user growth and a whopping 1000% revenue growth. It helps us become the #1 portfolio manager on the crypto market by number of users, number of supported connections to exchanges, wallets and other crypto platforms. It was like something out of a Hollywood movie. […]

Introducing NFT Support on CoinStats

Your NFT collection is coming to CoinStats, and we couldn’t be more delighted to be breaking the much-awaited news! The ownership and display of NFTs has grown into an indispensable part of the DeFi ecosystem. The NFT market is a lively and innovative place with tons of potential for artists, investors, and digital art connoisseurs alike. Since CoinStats’ vision is to become your go-to DeFi interface and so many of our users are investing in digital collectibles already, we jumped at the opportunity to incorporate this exciting new asset class. Now you can find your NFT collection with all the essential […]