Game Developers GSC Game World and Ubisoft Face Backlash About NFT Inclusion

nftsGSC Game World and Ubisoft, two game development companies, are dealing with backlash about the inclusion of NFT elements in some of their games. While GSC Game World — developer of the popular Stalker gaming franchise — has abandoned its plans in this regard, Ubisoft is pushing forward and has announced a partnership with […]

Rarible NFT Marketplace Integrates Tezos Blockchain, Will Support Ubisoft Digits

On Wednesday, the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Rarible announced that the platform now supports the Tezos blockchain network. The move follows Rarible’s integration with the Flow blockchain protocol in mid-November, and the NFT marketplace now supports a total of three blockchain networks. 8th Largest NFT Marketplace Rarible Adds Tezos Support Rarible says it has expanded […]